Why should I use this Service?




Connect with events you are actually interested in


You will only be contacted about the types of events that your company would like to sponsor.



Viewed by lots of charities and event planners


Get your Company noticed by the people who do the hiring.



Standardized Emails/Responses/Layout


No longer will you have to create and recreate emails and responses; this is all done for you with the click of a button.



Easy visual of what they are looking for and offering


No longer will you have to search through pages of PDFs and emails trying to understand what the Client is offering in compensation. All of the information is laid out in a standardized, easy to read layout every time.



Saves time in responding to inquiries: Yes or No


With the click of a button you can respond to inquiries which creates a standardized response to



Inquiries will be quantifiable


Sponsearch will keep track of how many times your Company comes up in Client searches, how many inquiries you receive, how many times you say yes to and event, and much more.



Sponsor when you want to Sponsor


Sponsearch gives you the ability to “go invisible” to Client searches if you have reached your sponsorship quota for the month or year.



Low cost for high return


For less than $5 a week, your Company can make money, get advertising and quantifiably track this info. Now, think about how much you spend on coffee a week, and how much that cup of coffee makes you.





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