Why should I use this Service?




No more wasted time searching for companies

Save hours by having a database of Companies who WANT to sponsor event, right at your finger tips. Condense the whole search process down to seconds instead of hours, days and weeks.



Lots of companies to choose from

You will have the ability to choose from a list of Companies that best match your event’s criteria.



You know they are already interested in sponsoring something

Every Company listed in the Sponsearch database wants to sponsor an event. You will no longer have to waste precious time contacting companies and finding out that they are not interested in sponsoring events.



You are connecting to the person who makes the sponsorship decisions

Your inquiry will go directly to the person who makes all of the sponsorship decisions for the company, saving you time that is usually spent talking or emailing one person after another, trying to find that right person.



Know what the company is willing to offer

Companies will list all of the types of sponsorship they are willing to offer to Clients. Know right away that Company X is willing to donate Money, Services and/or Auction Items with the click of a button.



One-Click Standardized email

Send all of your information: Event Name, date, demographics etc. with the click of a button. Spend less time creating individual emails for each company and more time putting together your event.



Low Cost for High Return

As the old adage goes. You have to spend money to make money. In this case the return greatly outweighs the expenditure. How much time and money is spent calling and running around to stores with the hope that they would be interested in sponsoring your event?





  • 1 Year Membership – $125
  • Plus $25 per event