Why did I start Sponsearch?

The reason I started Sponsearch was that I wanted to help people. I felt that I wasn’t doing enough. Yes, I was mentoring at the local college, and the company I was running was donating 2% of their profits to a charity, but I just felt like I was not giving enough back to society.

One day I was at a conference for entrepreneurs, and up on stage they had speakers imputing their wisdom and experiences to the crowd. Men and women who had been on the cover of Time Magazine as the top 100 most influential in the world, had won Oscars for the software they had developed, helped solve both health an economic problems in India. I felt a disconnect between myself and the people on stage, so I started to tune out. I started to think: what can I do, with my limited funds and contacts to help people?

I knew I wanted to help charities, but I also wanted to help my fellow small business friends. What was the one thing that connected both of those groups? And then it came to me: Sponsorship. One group offered it and the other group needed it, and thus was born the idea for Sponsearch.

With Sponsearch, I have created a company that is, for lack of a better description, a dating site for Companies and Clients (charities, event planners, sports teams etc.) We have created a database that will match them up based on geography, type of event, and what type of sponsorship being offered or needed.

Sponsearch will find your perfect matches, but it’s up to you to take it to the next level.

Jean-Paul Yovanoff