As a company if I click Accept does that mean I have to sponsor the event?
No, it just means that you have shown an interest in the event and your contact information is shared with the client to contact you.
I live in Vancouver British Columbia, are there people using Sponsearch here?
Being based in Ottawa, Ontario Canada, the majority of the Companies and Clients will be from that area, but our goal is to have Companies all across, Canada, the United States and around the world. Every day we are expanding and opening up other cities, which will be listed when they hit the 50 company threshold.
How many cities have over 50 companies willing to sponsor events?
The following cities are ready for sponsorship inquiries: OTTAWA, Ontario
I already have too many people asking for sponsorship, why would I want more?
A Company may get asked a hundred times a year for sponsorship, but the majority of those are events they have no interest in. By redirecting all of a Company’s inquiries through Sponsearch, only targeted inquiries will be able to contact the Company. Of course there is always the option to “go invisible” to Clients searches any time a Company chooses.
What does it mean to “go invisible”?
The “go invisible” option is available in a Company’s profile. Selecting this option will exclude them from all search results. A Company may want to use this option after they have spent their sponsorship budget, are on vacation, or they are just too busy. It can be turned on or off at any time.
Can I be guaranteed to make money from using this service?
If we said yes, that would be a lie, but all the tools needed to make money are there.
I can’t afford to always give everything away for free, can I still sponsor?
Many people equate sponsorship with free. This does not need to be the case. Sometimes services or product can be given away for free, but they can also be offered at a discounted price. Gift Cards/Certificates are a good option as well.
Why as a Company am I paying more, since it’s the Client who is getting all the money?
If we look at it from a single-event perspective, the Client is receiving all the money, but the event is a one-off event for the year. Companies, on the other hand, will be contacted for multiple events, thus giving them more chances to make money over the entire year.
I’ve already got lots of sponsors for my event, why do I need more?
You might be in your 8th year for your event and everything is going great, but it never hurts to add new companies to your event. Create new auction items, giveaways etc. for the event. Sometimes a sponsor may not be able to do your event this year; Sponsearch gives you options to fill the void now created by a company leaving.
Am I committed to an event if I say “Yes” to them contacting our company?
Sponsearch only introduces Clients to Companies, and saying “Yes”, does not mean any sort of commitment except that you are interested in learning more about the event.
I am looking for sponsorship for my website. Do I qualify?
As of now the website is set up for events with venues and not for individual sponsorship. This is something we are looking at for the future but for now events need a geographic location.