What is Sponsearch?

Sponsearch is essentially a sponsorship dating website. We have compiled a database of Companies and Clients, and through complicated algorithms match up events and Companies that are compatible with each other. If both parties like what they see on their profiles, Sponsearch introduces them to each other. Like any dating site, this is not a commitment of any kind, just an easier way to meet like-minded people.

How It Works

Companies and Clients join Sponsearch for a low yearly fee, becoming part of the database to draw from. Companies input their information (i.e. contact, geography, type of events to sponsor, what they are offering for sponsorship, etc.) that best reflect the type of events they are interested in sponsoring. This will form the basis to which the Clients information will be matched. Companies are only contacted about events that fit their criteria.

Clients will also complete a profile with their information. For every event they put on, they will create a new Event Profile which will include all of the relevant information about the event (i.e. date, venue, estimated attendance, demographics, etc.), what types of sponsorship they are looking for (i.e. financial, services, etc.) and what they are offering in compensation for sponsorship (i.e. free booth, free tickets, media coverage, etc.)

The event information will be cross referenced with the information provided by the Companies. A list of Companies that match up with the Clients needs is presented to the Client. Clients can review the matched companies, and select which ones to contact to request sponsorship.

For more information please head over to the contact page.